About Us

High quality spanish food products

We specialize in locating premium Spanish produce for distribution in the Middle East.

Our Story

After a lifetime in Spain, gaining knowledge about the food industry, founder Miguel Mardo moved to the UAE and realized there was an opportunity to introduce high quality fresh produce  and groceries to countries in the Middle East.

In 2009, he began his extensive research in finding the best available growers and producers in Spain, able to deliver a high standard product at a competitive price.

For the past 10 years Taste of Spain has managed to consolidate strong relationships with suppliers all over the Spanish region. By covering all geographical locations, altitudes and grounds we can guarantee to offer fresh produce from the start of the season till the last harvest.

Finding good suppliers is one of the main objectives of the company but it is also a top priority to get to know our clients, their needs and what their expectations are from us. This way we can work towards a long-lasting partnership that will lead to growth and success.  

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Why Choose us ?

Freshness & Quality

Locating producers all over Spain assures we reach the best produce at the optimal time within the right season.

Focus in the Middle East market

Focusing entirely in the middle east market allows us to fully understand and meet the needs of our retailers and final consumers. 

Competitive prices

Our team in Spain continuously works on maintaining long-term partnerships with growers which allows us to offer high quality produce at a competitive price.






Consolidate order at our temperature- controlled warehouse in Madrid


From harvest to retailers in 48hrs 



Our Product Range

We work in partnership with the leading supermarkets in Dubai offering a range of fresh vegetables, fruits, groceries and other of Spain's products. 

Our Brands

Our goal is to always offer the best available product in the market